Open Galleries Abroad

(International division of Cyprus Open Studios)


Like you we believe in bringing the best of Cyprus abroad and for this reason we are inviting artists to join us when we showcase the talent and expertise of art from Cyprus.

Open Galleries Abroad

is the international division of Cyprus Open Studios

Marina Emphietzi Harris keeps a finger on the pulse of art happenings in the United Kingdom and abroad, researches venues, and has interviews with gallery owners and institutions such as the Hellenic Centre, various Embassies and other establishments. When opportunities to exhibit arise, she notifies the Cyprus Open Studios members who then have the option to register for such events.

Many galleries and institutions require registration in the year before participation.

Open Galleries Abroad (OGA) undertakes the registration process, arranges the transportation between the two countries and keeps participating members informed of all developments. This is an enormous opportunity to bring your work to the attention of collectors globally. And we’ve only just begun!

Interested?Please contact us by 30 November 2018 to be included in the 2019 events.

Marina can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.