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A. WELCOME to Cyprus Open Studios 2016


This annual event affords the visitor the opportunity to interact with individual artists and artisans, who live and work in Cyprus, in their own studios. Visitors are encouraged to study our website featuring detailed information as well as a MAP to assist in locating each studio or workspace. Each participant has a MAP# on the map – please ENLARGE the map to see the numbers better. Each participant also features a more general map to their area on their individual entries.

CLICK on the participant’s image and you will see three more examples of their work.

Studios are open during the first 4 weekends of October between 11.00hrs and 17.00hrs on Saturdays and Sundays. Individual participants elected certain weekends to be open to the public – please look at the schedule (still to be inserted) and individual entries to avoid disappointment.

Entrance is free and visitors are under no obligation to buy, but we live in hope! And don’t forget to enter the competition: see the entry form under PRIZE DRAW. Many of the participants undertake commissions – please consult with them direct.

Banners bearing the distinctive orange splash will be displayed near the entrance to each open studio. Should you require specific information, please contact the studio or artist direct – you will be assisted. (Banner to be inserted to the right of this message)

Artists from across the island, from Paphos to Larnaca, are participating in the inaugural Cyprus Open Studios event in 2016.

The participants are listed in strict alphabetical order below. Please consult the MAP for their locations.
Download the catalogue in PDF format HERE.
PLEASE consult the REVISED 2016 SCHEDULE in the menu bar for updates. (in progress)