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COS (Cyprus Open Studios) is open to any artist or creator residing in Cyprus permanently or on a part-time basis. Ideally you need your own studio to be a member but many artists work and exhibit in pairs or small groups. The annual membership fee gives the following benefits:

  • Publicity over all media, newspapers, magazines, radio and television
  • Publicity abroad in in-flight magazines, art and culture publications and travel magazines
  • A website entry on this site with 4 images of your work
  • Being featured in the printed Guide with 1 image
  • Signage to guide visitors to your studio or workshop
  • Networking opportunities with fellow members

Once you are registered, you will be supplied with the COS Artists' Handbook to guide you through the process on a month-by-month basis.

Membership Form
  1. If you need more information before registering, please contact us on [email protected]
    Terms and Conditions below.
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  18. Terms and Conditions

    • Artists are responsible for providing accurate contact information
    • Artists are responsible for providing an up to date email address and notifying Cyprus Open Studios of any change to this
    • Artists accept that no refunds will be given after 14 days of receiving their registration fee
    • Artists accept that they are required to proofread their Guide and website entries and notify Cyprus Open Studios at [email protected] of any errors or necessary mendments within required deadlines
    • Artists accept that they are required to distribute all of their marketing material to local shops and venues in their area
    • Artists accept that they are required to display clear signage (which will be provided) to assist visitors to their studio
    • Artists accept that they are required to make their studio area safe and acceptably ready for the public
    • Artists accept that they are required to promote their own studio through their own contacts and networks and not to rely entirely on Cyprus Open Studio marketing
    • Artists who are sharing a venue, whether as a pair or a group, are responsible for preparing their venue information and images for their COS web pages and the Guide
    • Artists accept that they are required to display any literature and promotional material given to them, i.e. the disclaimer notice, prize draw poster, etc.
    • Artists agree that their venue will be manned during the published opening hours either by themselves or an appointed stand-in
    • Artists accept that by registering for the event, they agree to these Terms and Conditions

    Statement of Compliance
    I declare that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions for participating in Cyprus Open Studios. I agree to these conditions and undertake:

    1. To be present in my studio on the weekends I have indicated or provide a stand-in
    2. To be open between 11.00hrs and 17.00hrs on both days of the weekends I have chosen
    3. To display signage as supplied
    4. To display only my own original works of art and those of the artists registered in my group
    5. I understand that this event is about sharing the process of creating my art with the public
    6. I understand that I must have an email address to participate in Open Studios and that all information concerning participation will be sent to this address throughout the course of the event.
    7. I understand that by registering for Cyprus Open Studios I signify my agreement to all the terms and conditions of participation.